Fix the Broken Web - Start Shipping Accessible Products

About the talk

Do you know the first-ever website created is still accessible? We, web developers, are at the time where we have access to ample tools, and fancy frameworks/lib yet we end up shipping broken applications. We take pride in using fancy tools but forget that users are not interested in fancy tools but they are interested in using your application. If any product is not accessible it is of no use to them.

In this talk, I will take you through a broken application and demo to you how to fix the application via highlighting the time and cost it will take for a dev to do that (the secret is it won't take much).

More details

Nehha Sharma

Software development Manager @ Tesco

Neha has extensive experience in the web domain. She's the founder of the JSLovers web community and got awarded by the Meetup HQ for her contribution to the community. She loves sharing knowledge in front-end and is a huge web accessibility advocate. At Web Summer Camp, Neha will give a very practical talk on how to start shipping accessible products.