This is a past event. Please, join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Code of Conduct

Short version

Be decent, professional, and kind to others.

Long version

Web Summer Camp is known for its friendliness and overall positive atmosphere. Our event is inclusive and we welcome everyone.

Since we are living in a "new normal" era, please make sure that you read the Covid-19 info section.

We are committed to ensuring the Camp is a harassment-free place, focused on knowledge and experience sharing, meeting new friends, and staying in touch with the old ones, where everyone feels good.

If you do happen to have a problem, please contact a member of conference staff on the spot – we are here for you. The staff will resolve the situation as soon as possible. We as organizers reserve the right to enforce this Code of Conduct, that is to warn any participant, speaker, or sponsor of inappropriate behaviour and even expel them from the event, without refund.