Workshop Day (Sept 1)

Continuing our 10-year long tradition, we will conduct hands-on workshops with established experts in several fields of web design & development: UX, Javascript, PHP and Symfony.

Additionally, we'll hold a dedicated Tech Forum track moderated by our friend Janus Boye, with a full-day session merged with his CMS expert group meeting. As always, the session is all about discussing new, relevant topics and the latest in web tech.

UX track

Valeria Adani

Head of Service Design at frog

Valeria brings a human-centred perspective to businesses while focusing on their processes, their culture and their organizationational constraints. She helps her clients manage the challenges of designing and delivering services, while finding the right balance between user requests and what the organisation can actually deliver. Valeria & Flaminia will hold a full day workhop on the UX track.

Flaminia Del Conte

Business Innovation Coach at Sage

Flaminia is a design strategist, career advisor, and facilitator with a special focus on gender equality and team inclusive dynamics. She up-skills Sage colleagues with the capabilities around Innovation, Design Thinking, and Rapid Experimentation. Valeria & Flaminia will hold a full day workhop on the UX track.

Javascript track

Princiya Sequeira

Engineering Manager at Anaconda

Princiya is an Engineering Manager at Anaconda and Leadership Fellow with Women Who Code. She has a dozen years of experience building full-stack web & mobile apps, and leading technical teams at scale. Princiya advocates for open source, privacy & security and offers career advice for underrepresented folks in technology.

Gerard Sans

Developer Evangelist for Web and Cloud

Helping Developers succeed in Artifical Inteligence and Web3; Master Ceremony, speaker, trainer, community leader for various events such as Web3 London, ReactEurope, Reactive Conf, etc; Previously worked for AWS. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Gerard will deliver a worskhop on TensorFlow.

PHP track

Derick Rethans

PHP Extensions, PHP Debugging, and MongoDB consultant

PHP internals expert and author of Xdebug. He works as an independent contractor and consultant on PHP extensions and related projects. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Derick will deliver a workshop combining debugging practices and most recent PHP8 features.

Marco Pivetta

Consultant @ Roave

PHP guru and consultant for Roave and laminas teams, part of the Doctrine Project core team, Marco is always pushing for better practices in the PHP ecosystem. Marco is also known as "Ocramius" :)

Symfony track

Andreas Hucks


A PHP enthusiast and member of the Symfony Community for 15 years. As a developer, he was involved in countless Symfony projects. As a trainer, he has 10 years of experience in conducting developer-oriented workshops. At Web Summer Camp Andreas will hold a specialized workshop on the advanced usage of Symfony.

Tech Forum

Janus Boye

Boye & Co

Apart from moderating peer groups, Janus is working on steering large, complex and critical digital projects through to successful completion. He chairs the internationally recognized Boye Conferences held since 2005 in Aarhus, Denmark and since 2009 in Philadelphia, US.