Confirmed Speakers

We always aim to deliver interesting, useful and relevant topics by world-class experts and thought leaders. Here is the list of confirmed speakers with their short bios and topics they will cover on this year's camp.

Andy Clarke

Art Designer & Director @ Stuff&Nonsense agency

Writer of four popular books on website design and development including his latest book: ‘Art Direction for the Web’; At Web Summer Camp Andy will explain how to stand out in today's saturated web sphere where countless web solutions are barely distinguishable.

Mili Ponce

Founder @ & Digitalissè

Experienced speaker across all 5 continents, training and helping companies like Costa Coffee, Premier Inn, The Royal Mail and UK Government to increase their ROI when doing Social Media, Lead Generation and Web Conversion. At the Web Summer Camp 2022, she will be sharing her most valuable strategies about how to increase your conversion rates.

Harry Roberts

Site-Speed Optimisation Expert

Globaly known Web Performance Engineer, experienced speaker and trainer, consulted Google, UN, Etsy, Kickstarter, BBC, Unilever, Deloitte and many more. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Harry will share his latest tips&tricks for web performance optimisation - which is always super important topic.

Valeria Adani

Head of Service Design @ Frog

Valeria brings a human-centred perspective to businesses while focusing on their processes, their culture and their organizationational constraints. She helps her clients manage the challenges of designing and delivering services, while finding the right balance between user requests and what the organisation can actually deliver. Valeria & Flaminia will hold a full day workhop on the UX track.

Derick Rethans

PHP Extensions, PHP Debugging, and MongoDB consultant

PHP internals expert and author of Xdebug. He works as an independent contractor and consultant on PHP extensions and related projects. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Derick will deliver a workshop combining debugging practices and most recent PHP8 features.

Nehha Sharma

Software development Manager @ Tesco

Neha has extensive experience in the web domain. She's the founder of the JSLovers web community and got awarded by the Meetup HQ for her contribution to the community. She loves sharing knowledge in front-end and is a huge web accessibility advocate. At Web Summer Camp, Neha will give a very practical talk on how to start shipping accessible products.

Gerard Sans

Developer Evangelist for Web and Cloud

Helping Developers succeed in Artifical Inteligence and Web3; Master Ceremony, speaker, trainer, community leader for various events such as Web3 London, ReactEurope, Reactive Conf, etc; Previously worked for AWS. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Gerard will deliver a worskhop on TensorFlow.

Flaminia Del Conte

Business Innovation Coach @ Sage

Flaminia is a design strategist, career advisor, and facilitator with a special focus on gender equality and team inclusive dynamics. She up-skills Sage colleagues with the capabilities around Innovation, Design Thinking, and Rapid Experimentation. Valeria & Flaminia will hold a full day workhop on the UX track.

Marco Pivetta

Consultant @ Roave

PHP guru and consultant for Roave and laminas teams, part of the Doctrine Project core team, Marco is always pushing for better practices in the PHP ecosystem. Marco is also known as "Ocramius" :) and will hold a workshop about eventsourcing on Sept 1.

Princiya Sequeira

Engineering Manager @ Anaconda

Princiya is an Engineering Manager at Anaconda and Leadership Fellow with Women Who Code. She has a dozen years of experience building full-stack web & mobile apps, and leading technical teams at scale. Princiya advocates for open source, privacy & security and offers career advice for underrepresented people in technology. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Princya will deliver a worskhop on frontend to serverless.

Stephen K. Meya

Engineering Manager @ Phorest Salon Software, Software Architect @ BCaster

Software Engineering Manager for Web at Phorest Saloon Software, Arch Conveyer/Community Manager of CodeAfrique; Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time to tell us why good documentation is as important as the code.

Ramona Schwering

Software Developer with Frontend Focus @ shopware AG

Ramona has contributed to product development at shopware AG for the last 6 years in QA and as a software developer. She uses this dual experience to strengthen trust in test automation and support testers. At WSC, she will do a deep dive into how end-to-end testing should be done, using tools like Cypress.

Sam Dutton

Developer Advocate @ Google

Sam has extensive experience in working on WebRTC, web video, image optimization and form best practice initiatives. Before Google he was employed by the BBC, ITN, and Decca Records, while the last 3 years were spent with the Privacy Sandbox team.

Ondřej Polesný

Developer Evangelist @

Ondrej is a full stack developer with background in Customer Success field that made him passionate about improving developer and editor experience in content creation and management. Being a former .NET dev he loves strongly typed languages, great debugging tools, and cloud services. Ondrej will give a talk at the Tech Forum on Sept 1.

Andreas Hucks


A PHP enthusiast and member of the Symfony Community for 15 years. As a developer, he was involved in countless Symfony projects. As a trainer, he has 10 years of experience in conducting developer-oriented workshops. At Web Summer Camp Andreas will hold a specialized workshop on the advanced usage of Symfony.

Simon Jones

Director and Technical Lead @ Studio 24

Simon, from Cambridge (UK), helps companies succeed with digital at Studio 24. His passions include web, PHP, content and accessibility. At WSC22 he will share insight from the W3C website redesign and the experience of working with industry standard-setters, plus the unique challenges the team faced.

Rowan Merewood

Developer Relations Engineer for Chrome @ Google

Rowan leads the developer relations team for security, privacy, payments, and identity on the web - basically anywhere you're trying to create (or specifically not create!) a relationship on the web. He's been at Google for nearly 9 years working across a variety of products from Firebase, Android Wear, all the way back to Google+.

Magdalena Sekulić Ljubić

Product Owner @ Hrvatski Telekom

Magdalena Sekulić Ljubić is a Product Owner in Hrvatski Telekom with a focus on SaaS solutions. With her experience in customer care, sales, and marketing, Magdalena's goal is to improve UX through different communication channels. At WSC Magdalena will join Ante Stjepanovic to talk about improving customer experience through automated communications.

Ante Stjepanović

Product Marketing Manager @ Infobip

Ante Stjepanovic leads the Go-To-Market strategy for Infobip's AI chatbot solution. He closely collaborates with clients and developers, continuously following market trends to improve customer experience in all stages of their journey. At Web Summer Camp Ante will be talking about improving customer experience through automated communications.

Vanja Bertalan

CEO @ Human

For more than 20 years, he's been creating digital experiences that make interactions easier and drive value for clients. He's an experienced digital strategist focused on data-driven decision-making, always mixed with a bit of silly. Vanja will give a talk at the Tech Forum on Sept 1.

Cristoffer Crusell

Managing Director @ Petra Digital Agency

Cristoffer has 20+ years of experience in developing and managing web projects and has been involved in Sitecore development since 2004. A foreigner even to his own country (since he comes from the island of Gotland), his mother tongue has always been computer. Cristoffer will give a talk at the Tech Forum on Sept 1.

Neal Brooks

Engineering Manager @ Lendable

Neal is an Engineering Manager at Lendable and spends his days helping engineers achieve great things. He's passionate about TDD, DDD, Serverless, and supporting people with their career progression and learning.

Matt Thorpe

Senior DevOps Engineer @ Lendable

Matt is a senior devops engineer at Lendable, he started out as a Linux sysadmin almost 20 years ago and worked his way up until devops became a thing, weirdly obsessed with automation and containerization which makes him a great devops engineer but a questionable party guest.

Luka Kladarić

Chaos Manager @ Awesome Force

Luka has been doing computer stuff professionally for over 20 years. A software developer turned cloud architect who loves putting out trash fires for money. Runs Awesome Force, a full service chaos management agency. Formerly infrastructure lead at Noom, engineering lead at Meetup, CTO and co-founder at Hitlist and developer at DeviantArt.