Deep Learning for the Web using TensorFlow.js

About the workshop

Get hands-on experience with deep learning using JavaScript and expand your knowledge of building, training, and running machine learning models in the browser using the latest version of TensorFlow.js.

What you will learn: Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks Introduction to TensorFlow.js Preparing the data, designing, training, and testing models The toxicity model classifier and working with images Natural Language Processing and AI Assistants

Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to integrate machine learning into their apps or websites using JavaScript. No previous experience with machine learning is necessary.

Requirements: You should be comfortable with JavaScript and have at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can create an account at OpenAI:

Gerard Sans

Developer Evangelist for Web and Cloud

Helping Developers succeed in Artifical Inteligence and Web3; Master Ceremony, speaker, trainer, community leader for various events such as Web3 London, ReactEurope, Reactive Conf, etc; Previously worked for AWS. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Gerard will deliver a worskhop on TensorFlow.