Documentation - The Lighthouse to Your Codebase

About the talk

Bad or non-existent documentation is almost always the ripple effect of not writing documentation when it matters. In this talk, I’ll take a quick deep dive into the importance of “Continuous Documentation” and how this is important for creating an amazing developer experience viz a viz "Documentation - The lighthouse for your codebase."

The importance of documentation cannot be over-emphasized. In today's world, where feature delivery is highly emphasized and sometimes to the detriment of documentation, it is necessary to realize the importance of documentation as a lighthouse for your codebase

Having encountered several documentation-related challenges over the years, I coined the phrase “Continuous Documentation” which in plain language means the “Continuous writing and improvement of documentation along with development” i.e. understanding that documenting properly is of equal importance as writing quality code hence shouldn't be seen as a post-coding activity.

Stephen K. Meya

Engineering Manager @ Phorest Salon Software, Software Architect @ BCaster

Software Engineering Manager for Web at Phorest Saloon Software, Arch Conveyer/Community Manager of CodeAfrique; Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time to tell us why good documentation is as important as the code.