Adding new speakers & Early Bird Tickets available!

Early Bird Tickets & Speakers

Just a reminder, this year's Camp will be split into 2 days. Don't worry, our hands on workshops will still happen on Day 1, but Day 2 will be filled with insightful lectures split into two great tracks - one specialized for web developers and other focusing on UX, UI and general web topics. TICKET INFO: - You can purchase a full ticket, for Days 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday) - You can purchase a ticket only for Day 2 (Friday)

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Day 1 Workshops:

  • Full day UX workshops by Valeria Adani & Flaminia Del Conte

  • JS track: TensorFlow workshop by Gerard Sans + TBD

  • PHP track: 2 workshops by Derick Rethans and Marco Pivetta

  • Symfony track: workshop by Andreas Hucks

  • Tech Forum moderated by Janus Boye & merged with the CMS expert group meeting

Day 1 Workshops:

Engaging speakers & top keynotes split into two great tracks, covering web development and web in general.

  • Dev track talks by Harry Roberts, Ramona Schwering, Stephen K.Meya

  • Web track talks by Andy Clarke, Sam Dutton & Simon Jones

.... and more to come!