End-To-End Testing as it Should be - An Introduction to Cypress

About the talk

It’s essential to write a test for any code change. Regardless of which test you write, they will make you confident that another code change won’t break your code. However, some developers tend to be reluctant a lot regarding UI testing. Are those tests slow, flaky, and hard to write and maintain?

Cypress.io (or Cypress for short) is currently getting much attention regarding end-to-end Testing. Especially in JavaScript environments, Cypress.io seems to be gaining more and more attention. In my opinion, it does many things right and is preferable to selenium-based approaches.

In my session, I want to introduce Cypress to you and explore its possibilities by writing the first tests for Web Summer Camp website - so we can overcome those concerns together.

Ramona Schwering

Software Developer with Frontend Focus @ shopware AG

Ramona has contributed to product development at shopware AG for the last 6 years in QA and as a software developer. She uses this dual experience to strengthen trust in test automation and support testers. At WSC, she will do a deep dive into how end-to-end testing should be done, using tools like Cypress.