Eventsourcing: From Zero to Working Prototype

About the workshop

Eventsourcing has been a lot of buzz for quite some time, but is mostly unfamiliar to most backend software developers.

Using familiar PHP libraries and database technology, we will set up a small, yet viable Eventsourcing application. We will cover multiple concepts that you will need to know if you ever want to build an application using this category of architectural patterns, and we will implement them in practice.

Bring your good will, critical thinking, skepticism and curiosity, and we will dig deep into what is possible with such simple, yet powerful technology.


In order to participate in this workshop, it is necessary to come with following working environment:

  • some knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming
  • a computer where you have network and root access (we don't envision using it, but it will be necessary, should we get stuck)
  • the ability to run docker containers and mount volumes when doing so (docker and docker-compose)
  • the code editor that you are familiar with
  • an SQLite browser of some sort

Marco Pivetta

Consultant @ Roave

PHP guru and consultant for Roave and laminas teams, part of the Doctrine Project core team, Marco is always pushing for better practices in the PHP ecosystem. Marco is also known as "Ocramius" :) and will hold a workshop about eventsourcing on Sept 1.