Future of Infrastructure as Code - how to avoid building your own platform

About the session

Every growing company faces that inflection point after which the number of teams, engineers and services grows beyond what any one person can hold in their head. That’s when tribal knowledge & word of mouth stop working and productivity & morale suffer due to lack of opinionated platform tooling. Your choices are - reinvent the entire wheel, build everything in house and create a formal bottleneck team to any experimentation, or let everything be a one-off experiment and continue suffering the productivity penalty. There is a third option :)


There are no requirements as this is going to be a lecture.

Luka Kladarić

Chaos Manager @ Awesome Force

Luka has been doing computer stuff professionally for over 20 years. A software developer turned cloud architect who loves putting out trash fires for money. Runs Awesome Force, a full service chaos management agency. Formerly infrastructure lead at Noom, engineering lead at Meetup, CTO and co-founder at Hitlist and developer at DeviantArt.