How to Design Inclusive Services

About the workshop

In an increasingly connected world, the access to digital and physical services is a critical need for everyone.  But as designers, we often forget about the millions of permanently, temporarily or situationally impaired people who struggle to access our products and services.

Service design is the discipline that helps designer tie together human, digital, and physical interactions over time to create usable, desirable and differentiated experiences for customers and users.

In this workshop, we will look at what elements are needed to design a good service experience, learning how to orchestrate digital and non digital touchpoints based on the users needs. We will introduce tools and methods to ensure that the service experience takes in consideration the needs of diverse audiences and we will look at how to design an inclusive experience.

Valeria Adani

Head of Service Design @ Frog

Valeria brings a human-centred perspective to businesses while focusing on their processes, their culture and their organizationational constraints. She helps her clients manage the challenges of designing and delivering services, while finding the right balance between user requests and what the organisation can actually deliver. Valeria & Flaminia will hold a full day workhop on the UX track.

Flaminia Del Conte

Principle Business Innovation Coach @ Sage

Flaminia is a design strategist, career advisor, and facilitator with a special focus on gender equality and team inclusive dynamics. She up-skills Sage colleagues with the capabilities around Innovation, Design Thinking, and Rapid Experimentation. Valeria & Flaminia will hold a full day workhop on the UX track.