How We Grew as an Agency by Redesigning

About the talk

In March 2020, as Covid-19 swept the world, digital agency Studio 24 embarked on an ambitious redesign project for web standards body W3C. In this talk Simon will share his insights on how his agency tackled the project and some of the unique challenges the team faced. These included coming up with a robust CSS approach, how we tackled accessibility (including in the CMS), internationalisation, creating a design system, and how Studio 24 approached working in the open.

Simon will talk about the experience of working with a global, distributed organisation, the decisions they had to make on the way, and how this ultimately helped his team grow.

Simon Jones

Director and Technical Lead @ Studio 24

Simon, from Cambridge (UK), helps companies succeed with digital at Studio 24. His passions include web, PHP, content and accessibility. At WSC22 he will share insight from the W3C website redesign and the experience of working with industry standard-setters, plus the unique challenges the team faced.