Serverless PHP applications - getting started with FaaS and Infrastructure as Code

About the session

Serverless has been around for a few years and has long moved beyond the hype phase. It’s stable, cheap, and easy to get running when you know how. However, there are gotchas which will bite you when you finally decide to make the jump and launch your web application on a FaaS platform.

In this session we’ll take a look at AWS Lambda as a cloud provider, refactor a running stateful PHP application to make it ‘serverless compatible’ with an introduction to Infrastructure as Code, fix the things which go wrong, and then have a look at integrating with current DevOps pipelines.

This workshop will be perfect for DevOps engineers who want to understand the application changes needed to embrace Serverless, or for PHP engineers wanting to get started with Serverless PHP and understanding Infrastructure as Code.

If you want to code along during the workshop, you will need to have Docker installed, and sign up for an AWS account before we start.

Neal Brooks

Engineering Manager @ Lendable

Neal is an Engineering Manager at Lendable and spends his days helping engineers achieve great things. He's passionate about TDD, DDD, Serverless, and supporting people with their career progression and learning.