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Setting up DevTools for Performance Testing

About the talk

In-browser developer tools are more powerful than ever before, but that brings its own set of problems: How do we know what to use? How do we set them up correctly? What features are available to us? What are the best workflows? What am I missing out on?! This has never been more true for performance engineers, whose DevTools are their biggest weapon—there are so many secret and hidden power features hiding right there in plain sight! Let’s level up our DevTools workflows, enabling lots of cool experimental and preview features, configuring the most advanced settings, and getting the most out of our browser.

Harry Roberts

Site-Speed Optimisation Expert

Globaly known Web Performance Engineer, experienced speaker and trainer, consulted Google, UN, Etsy, Kickstarter, BBC, Unilever, Deloitte and many more. Returning to Web Summer Camp for 2nd time Harry will share his latest tips&tricks for web performance optimisation - which is always super important topic.