Website Conversion Rate and the Importance of Mapping the Conversion Process

About the talk

Website conversion rate and mapping the process

The importance of website conversion rate and why you should not invest in any marketing campaign unless your website conversion rate is high.

How to test and audit your website conversion rate

What tools can you use to test it and how to create the conversion process map to be able to test every stage of the conversion.

How to increase your website conversion rate

The biggest mistakes when designing a website and how to convert your visitors into hot leads or clients.


Questions taken from the audience.

Mili Ponce

Founder @ & Digitalissè

Experienced speaker across all 5 continents, training and helping companies like Costa Coffee, Premier Inn, The Royal Mail and UK Government to increase their ROI when doing Social Media, Lead Generation and Web Conversion. At the Web Summer Camp 2022, she will be sharing her most valuable strategies about how to increase your conversion rates.