DevOps Track added to Workshop Day

DevOps Track added

Great news for all Web Summer Camp attendees - we have expanded our Workshop Day program with a dedicated DevOps track, featuring workshops by 3 top experts.

Neal Brooks - How to refactor an existing web app to make use of Serverless on AWS

Neal is an Engineering Manager at Lendable and spends his days helping engineers achieve great things. He's passionate about TDD, DDD, Serverless, and supporting people with their career progression and learning.

Matt Thorpe - Why you might be using Docker wrong & how to get the most out of it

Matt is a Senior DevOps Engineer @Lendable who started out as a Linux sysadmin almost 20 years ago and worked his way up until devops became a thing, weirdly obsessed with automation and containerization which makes him a great devops engineer but a questionable party guest.

Luka Kladarić - Future of Infrastructure as Code - how to avoid building your own platform

Luka is the Chaos Manager @Awesome Force, he started out as a software developer turned cloud architect who loves putting out trash fires for money. Runs Awesome Force, a full service chaos management agency. Formerly infrastructure lead at Noom, engineering lead at Meetup, CTO and co-founder at Hitlist and developer at DeviantArt.

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